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Excluded files

Excluded file or folder information message

File or folder is excluded from synchronization.

Applicable systems: Windows desktop client, Macintosh desktop client 


A file or folder has been excluded from synchronization. This message may display when you have selected exclusions or errors and exclusions on the pull-down of your Sync Status message window. The excluded files list is an informational message rather than an error. However, if a file or folder is excluded that you want to be synchronized, you may want to manage the exclusions settings for that file or folder via the possible actions.

In your desktop client settings, you can change file exclusion settings for files, file types or folders that you have set locally.  Note that your administrator may have excluded specific file types and you cannot change the administrator’s exclusions.

Possible actions

  1. Include specific currently excluded files or folders in the Windows Explorer view by right-clicking on the file or folder. To change file type exclusions, go to desktop client settings. This allows the file or file type to be synchronized as long as that file type or folder has not been excluded by your Syncplicity administrator. Commonly, administrator-mandated excluded file types are .exe, .js, .mov, etc.
  2. If your administrator has excluded specific file types, you can exclude additional file types but cannot change the administrator’s exclusions.  To synchronize administrator-excluded files or folders, contact your Syncplicity administrator. 

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