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How to change the Support URL, Support email address and email templates

Large enterprises often assume responsibility for first-level Support for Syncplicity, just as with other products deployed enterprise-wide. Enterprise users can define a custom URL redirect for "Get Help" or "Support" links from various points in the Syncplicity workflow, and can customize aspects of system-generated notification emails.

To customize the support URL or notification emails, send an email to, or open a service request at

NOTE: The email banner graphic included in system-generated notification emails can also be customized. Send an email to, or open a service request at, to request this customization.

NOTE: If you wish to customize the My Syncplicity web site logo see the Branding with your company logo article.

Customizing the Support URL

Specify the following information to override the default Support URL (

  • A contact name, email address and phone number at your company (usually the Syncplicity Global Admin).
  • The custom Support URL for your company. This should link to your Support home page, or a section of your Support site that deals specifically with Syncplicity support, and should be accessible both inside and outside your corporate network.

Syncplicity will work with your company to confirm and make the change. Assuming your company has deployed the mobile releases from September 2016 or later, there will be no need to make other changes in order to take advantage of this feature on mobile.

A Support URL redirect will affect the following links:

  • Get Help links in Windows and Mac desktop applications
  • Settings > Get Help in iOS and Android apps (as of versions available September 7, 2016)
  • Support link within the My Syncplicity site
  • Support links within email templates (if specified below)

Customizing Email Templates

Syncplicity sends email notifications to end users for specific events; for example, when a folder has been shared to them. The Syncplicity Email Templates can be customized for enterprise accounts, giving another opportunity to add custom Support information and URLs.

Specify the following information in order to have Syncplicity customize your company's email template:

  • Specify whether you want to override the horizontal graphic banner image shown in the email.
    • For a custom banner, specify a URL to a PNG image exactly 640x105 pixels.
  • Specify whether to display your custom Support URL in the email template.
  • Specify whether to add a customized email footer at the bottom of system-generated emails for your Syncplicity account.
    • For a custom footer, provide either HTML markdown or plain text. Using HTML markdown can allow for further customization and links. Details on markdown here.


Please note: A Support URL redirect will not affect the email address used for Send Logs commands.

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