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Sharing Files (Shared Links)

Understanding Secure Shared Links for sharing files.


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Secure Shared Links is a feature in Syncplicity that enables you to share files with other users. The idea is that you’re generating a special URL, or link, that you can give to someone so that they can download that file from the cloud. This is a one-way sharing scenario, you decide what to share, how broadly, and how secure it needs to be, and the authorized recipients can view or download it. This feature is great for sharing a presentation with your boss, or sending a large architecture diagram to a contractor, where the recipient only needs to view the content, they don’t need to edit or add to it themselves.

There are a few main reasons why sending Secure Shared Links through Syncplicity is better than sending email attachments or using other means. Security is first, you control who gets access to the file and for how long, more on security in a second. Tracking, you can see who’s accessed your file and when. Versions. As you know, Syncplicity creates a new version of a file every time you edit and save it. If you share version 1 of a file, and later make a change to that document, the Secure Shared Link will automatically point to the newer updated version. This is a unique and convenient feature, there’s no need to resend the file every time you make a change. Finally, there are no file size limitations using Syncplicity. Email is only an option for files up to maybe 10mb. Do you have a 3GB video you need to send? You’re options are pretty limited, but it’s not a problem using Syncplicity.


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