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Sharing Folders

Understanding how to Share Folders.


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In the privious session you learned about sharing files, now let’s touch upon sharing folders.

Sharing a Folder is fundamentally different than sharing a file. If I share a Folder with you, we both see and have the same access to the content within that Folder. If I make an edit to a document within the Folder, the new version of that document will immediately sync to your computer. If you add a new file to that Folder, that new file will immediately sync to my computer. If you delete that presentation that I spent all weekend working on, it will be deleted from my computer too. This construct is great for multiple people working on, or collaborating on, a project together. Oh, and don’t sweat that deleted presentation, Syncplicity gives us access to old versions of files, and deleted files, and restore them in just a few clicks, so you can share folders without worrying about someone wreaking havoc on your stuff.


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