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Administrator Controls, Policies, and Reporting

Syncplicity gives control back to IT 


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Syncplicity provides a robust set of IT controls and auditing capabilities. Learn about administrative dashboard, reporting and auditing capabilicities, system policies and group based policies to help you manage user behavior and protect your companies assets. 

Admin dashboard provides administrators a quick view into the seat and storage consumption for their account as a whole. Administrators can also directly access reports from the dashboard that provide an in depth view into storage and bandwidth consumption by user, and user actions on folders and files. 

A company administrator can configure various policies that control how your Syncplicity account is used in the organization. The policies also contol configurations and user actions permitted by end-users when using each of the Syncplicity clients including Desktop, Mobile and Web.

Policies can be of two types, group policies or global policies. The group policies enable the administrator to assign different policies to different groups of users. Syncplicity administrators have a number of security, sharing, desktop, web, and mobile policies that are available to them. Global policies are ones that apply company wide and are not restricted to a particular group of users.



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