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Planning your on-premise deployment

What you need to know when considering hybrid or on-premise storage with Syncplicity.


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In this session you will learn about Syncplicity StorageVaults and on-premise storage. Syncplicity Cloud Storage is the only StorageVault that is available to an enterprise customer until the IT administrator sets up on-premise StorageVaults for the company.

You might choose to have your content stored on premise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Flexibility and control over the storage layer so organizations can meet or exceed requirements for corporate or industry compliance, or data residency.
  • Utilize excess storage capacity that is available across multiple storage arrays in the data center.
  • Retain complete control over your data. Your files are never cached or even pass through the Syncplicity service; instead, they move directly from your storage to your users’ devices.

Ensure your on-premise storage installation goes smoothly by planning ahead and having a clear understanding of Syncplicity storage architecture, compute nodes including virtual machine requirements, security and infrastructure, the correct network topology, load balancers, SSL certificates needed, and open port requirements.


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