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How to Change the Default Syncplicity Folder Location in Windows?

  1. Click the Start button, click Run, and type REGEDIT. Click OK.
  2. In the Registry Editor, select the “HKEY_USERS”.
  3. Select the your USER ID.
  4. Click on “Software” folder.
  5. Click on “Syncplicty” folder.
  6. Click on “1.0” sub folder (Refer attached image Sync 1.JPG).
  7. Now you should be able to see the registry variable called “RootSyncPointFolder” which has the default Syncplicity folder (Refer attached image named Sync 2.JPG).
  8. Example: We created a new folder called “New Sync Location” and it is path location is “C:\Users\velays2\Documents\Syncplicity Folders\New Sync Location” (Refer attached image Sync 3.JPG).
  9. Right click on registry variable called “RootSyncPointFolder” and click on Modify and then change the default Syncplicity sync location of  as per your need and then click the OK button (Refer attached image Sync 4.JPG).In the Example it is changed from old sync path(C:\Users\velays2\Documents\Syncplicity Folders) to New Sync path(C:\Users\velays2\Documents\Syncplicity Folders\New Sync Location)” (Refer attached image Sync 5.JPG ).
  10. Right Click the Syncplicity icon in the taskbar and click on quit option. Click on Yes on the notification window to Quit Syncplicity.
  11. Go to your Programs menu and start Syncplicity.
  12. Click the Syncplicity icon in the taskbar and Click on “Manage folders
  13. Select the folder and click on “stop synchronization” button. (Refer attached image Sync 6.JPG )
  14. Select the same folder which was stopped from sync and then Click on “Sync to this computer”  button. (Refer attached image Sync 7.JPG)
  15. Now you should see a pop up message which will show your data being synced to new default folder location. (Refer attached image Sync 8.JPG), click on “Sync” button.
  16. Now you should see your data in a new folder location. (Refer attached image Sync 9.JPG)
  17. Please ensure the other folders are synced to new default folder location by following from step # 13 to 15.
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