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Sharing files in Syncplicity

You can share files by using Shared Links, Secured Shared Links, or Syncplicity Rights Management Protected Files, depending on the level of your desired information security levels. The following table provides a brief overview of these sharing methods:

Sharing Method


Supported Platforms

Shared Link A link to a file in Syncplicity that anyone can access at anytime. All
Secure Shared Link

For Business and Enterprise Edition users, Secure Shared Link is an extension to a shared link where additional security is applied to give the sender more control over who can access the shared link and for how long. The sender can also configure a password on the link, so to require a password before the recipient can open the file.

Syncplicity Rights Management

For Syncplicity Enterprise Edition users, Syncplicity Rights Management extends and enhances the capabilities of Syncplicity Shared Links. This feature offers an added layer of protection to sensitive documents even after they have left the enterprise.

Recipients of Syncplicity Rights Management files can view the file online or download a protected copy of the file. Access to the file is restricted to intended recipients only, and the actions which may be performed on the document are controlled by the sender and the organization's policies. The Syncplicity Rights Management feature protects the file so it remains protected even after users download, copy, or email it to other people.

  • Windows desktop 
  • Mac desktop 
  • iPad
  • Web
  • Android

For specific versions, see Supported platforms

Downloading the Syncplicity Rights Management plug-in (SecureFile Lite)

Depending on your platform, the first time you attempt to download an IRM-protected file to a desktop system, you will be  prompted to install a Syncplicity Rights Management plug-in named FileSecure Lite.  You can also go to the Downloads section on the Syncplicity Support portal.

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