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Enforcing policy sets for the group

A policy set is a collection of various security, collaboration, desktop, mobile and web policies.

To enforce policy sets for groups, check the following:

  • By default, every group is assigned the default policy set. Make sure the appropriate policy set is assigned to the group. Each policy set can be assigned to multiple groups; however, each group can have only one policy set.
  • If a user is in more than one group, make sure that you assign the correct priorities to the policy sets. The higher priority policy set is enforced for users in multiple groups. Each policy set has a unique priority, with 1 representing the highest priority. You can modify policy set priorities at any time. However, the default policy set has the lowest priority which you cannot modify.

IMPORTANT: Be careful when you modify priorities of policy sets as this may affect the policies of a large number of users.

To view a group's policy set:

  1. Click Admin → Groups to open the Manage Groups page.
  2. Click on a group name to open the Manage Group page for that group. In the following example, the group is assigned the Corporate policy set.
  3. Select Modify a policy set to this group lto select a different policy set for this group.

To manage the policy set priorities, click Admin → Policies. In the Policy Sets tab, use the up and down arrows to change priorities.

For the procedure to edit groups, see Editing and removing groups.

For more information about policy sets, see Understanding group and global policies.

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