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Creating groups

Perform the following to create a new group:

  1. Log in to with your administrator account.
  2. Click Admin → Groups.
  3. Click the + button or the Create a new group link on right pane.
  4. Enter a descriptive and unique name for the group name.
  5. If you do not want to allow the users in this group to have full access to the company storage, check the Enable Storage Quota box then enter the amount of storage in GB. Each member of the group will have access to the amount of storage you enter. For example, if you enter 2 (GB), each member can access 2 GB of storage. Quotas can only be allocated in multiples of 1 GB. 
    Storage quotas apply to active files, previous versions and deleted items that have not been permanently deleted. For more information on storage quota, see the Allocating storage quota for a group.
  6. Click Next when done.
  7. Add users to the group. As you type the user's name, the application provides potential matches, or you can click the company directory link and select the users. 
    This step can also be performed later, after you create the group.
  8. Click Next when done.
  9. To use a policy set other than the default, click the Modify link and select a different policy set. 
    A policy set is a collection of various security, collaboration, desktop, mobile and web policies. For more information, see the Understanding group and global policies.
  10. To use a storage set other than the default, click the Modify link and select a different storage set. 
    A storage set is the assignment of one or more user groups to a specific StorageVault. For more information, see the Configuring and managing storage sets.
  11. Click Next when done.

The group is created. To ensure you have all the correct properties for the group, click the View your group's details link. You can make any changes if necessary.

NOTE: To share folders with this group, click Admin → Folders. For information about sharing folders, see Managing your company's folders.

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