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Access restrictions policies

By default, Syncplicity users can access their account using any Syncplicity mobile applications. To change this default setting, company admins can set the Mobile Application Access policy to prevent their users from connecting to Syncplicity accounts from their mobile devices.

To access this policy:

  1. Click admin in the console.
  2. Click policies.
  3. Select the policy set you want to view or modify.
  4. In the Manage Policy Set page, expand Mobile then expand Access Restrictions.


If you restrict access to allow only Syncplicity mobile device managed apps for iOS and Andriod, only the apps managed by MDM (such as AirWatch or MobileIron) can connect.

If you block mobile access, no mobile apps can connect; although, users can still connect thru the MySyncplicity website. To restrict this access you can change the settings within the Website Access policy (Web Apps → Access Restrictions → Website Access Policy).

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