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Syncplicity Rights Management release notes

The following lists updates to the Syncplicity Rights' Management feature.

Additional information:

July 2021

Syncplicity Rights Management version 2 release

Quality Improvements with the new SyncRM Windows Client Download from here. If you are upgrading from SyncRM Windows Client, please follow the instructions here.

October 2019

Syncplicity Rights Management  v1 release

Syncplicity Rights Management v1 enables users to share data and collaborate internally and with partners and affiliates while protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. Syncplicity Rights Management provides the ability to control access to online and downloaded documents and ensures that IRM rights are enforced and applied to the downloaded documents. For details, see Syncplicity Rights Management.

Known limitations

Desktop Clients (FileSecure Lite for Windows)

  • FileSecure Lite installer
    ISSUE: The FileSecure Lite installer cannot be uninstalled by another version of the installer. After installing FileSecure Lite, the program can only be uninstalled by the same version of the program or from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.
    RESOLUTION: Uninstall FileSecure Lite by the same version of the program or from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.

  • Attempt to cancel FileSecure Lite Installation 
    ISSUE: During the plugin installation, if an attempt is made to cancel the installation, FileSecure Lite continues to install and cannot be uninstalled from the Add/Remove Program. 
    RESOLUTION: Re-install FileSecure lite using the installer, and fully install the plugin.  After the plugin is installed, it can be removed from Add/Remove Program if desired.
  • FileSecure Lite plugin crash with Watermarked files
    ISSUE: The FileSecure Lite plugin for Windows crashes when opening a file with Watermark protected files disabled (unchecked) in the Customer Admin permissions settings.
    RESOLUTION: Syncplicity is researching this issue and will provide a fix as soon as the issue is resolved.
  • "Allow screen capture" is always disabled 
    ISSUE: In the Admin settings, "Configure Syncplicity Rights Management", even when the "Allow screen capture" is enabled (checked) the Windows and Mac FileSecure agent do not follow the setting. It continues to deny the screen capture, even though it enabled. See Configure file protection for Syncplicity Rights Management.
    RESOLUTION: Syncplicity is researching this issue and will provide a fix as soon as the issue is resolved.
  • Plugin installation on Windows 7 fails if .NET  framework is not installed
    ISSUE: When installing the FileSecure Lite plugin on a Windows 7 system without a .net framework installed on the target machine, the installation script displays "the alert .net framework is required to install, click "Add & Install" to proceed." After "Add & install" is clicked, the installer terminates the install.
    RESOLUTION: The Windows FileSecure Lite Plugin has a dependency on .net Framework 4.0 or later. Syncplicity will correct the Plugin installer by automatically installing the correct .net framework if needed; in the interim, you must install the appropriate .net framework for your system.
  • Incorrect Release Notes are displayed
    ISSUE: When you right-click on the FileSecure Lite icon in the Windows tray and select Release Notes, the incorrect release notes display.
    RESOLUTION: Disregard the incorrect release notes.

Mobile Clients

  • File sharing in Mobile App (IOS or Android) 
    ISSUE: IRM-Protected file sharing is not supported in the Syncplicity mobile app for IOS / Android.
    RESOLUTION: To send an IRM-protected file from a mobile device, use the web browser on the mobile device.
  • Error when sharing a file in the Mobile app (IOS or Android) 
    ISSUE: When a Company administrator has designated that shared files must be IRM-protected for that recipient and a user tries to share a file with the Syncplicity mobile app, the attempt fails and an "Operation not supported" error displays.

RESOLUTION: Mobile apps do not support IRM-protected file sharing. To protect the file on a mobile device, use the web browser on your mobile device.

Web Browser

  • Rendering Size Limits for Online Viewing
    ISSUE: The online Viewer/Editor returns an error if the user attempts to view MS Office files >10MB or PDF files >50MB in the web browser.
    RESOLUTION: Download the document to the desktop and view the document in the local MS Office or PDF app. 
    NOTE: The FileSecure lite plugin must be installed before the document can be opened.
  • Downloading file from Online Viewer/editor
    ISSUE: If you click Download from the online viewer/editor, the MS Office file downloads to the desktop as a Standard Wrapped (protected) file even when HTML Wrapping is enabled by the admin.
    RESOLUTION: This is expected behavior.  Downloading a file from the online viewer (typically as a result of an edit) is consistent with saving a MS Office locally on the desktop via an MS Office application.  In either scenario, a Standard wrapped/protected file is generated on the local desktop system, and the authorization and permissions follow the local file to prevent unauthorized access.
    NOTE: The FileSecure lite plugin must be installed on the desktop system (Windows or Mac) to read a Standard wrapped file.
  • Download button missing in View Online 
    ISSUE: Occasionally, the Download Button does not display in the View Online window.

    RESOLUTION: Syncplicity is researching this issue and will provide a fix as soon as the issue is resolved

Syncplicity Rights Management Functionality Limitations vs Secure Shared Files (SSF)

  • Geo-fencing / Location Restrictions
    ISSUE: Currently not supported. The Location Restrictions for Protected Files capability on Secure Shared FIles (SSF) is not supported for Syncplicity Rights Management v1.
    RESOLUTION: This feature enhancement is included in the Syncplicity Rights Management roadmap; although, it has not yet been committed to any specific release.
    NOTE: The SSF feature had limited benefit; SSF users could use a VPN connection to mask their location.
  • Allow offline access expiration period
    ISSUE: The Offline Access expiration period is improperly applied to ALL Syncplicity shared links to that file.  
    RESOLUTION: To avoid this issue, Company admins should ensure the Allow Offline Access is disabled (unchecked) for Protected Files Sharing Roles in the Syncplicity Rights Management v1 Admin settings. A hotfix to correct this issue has been issued. See Configure file protection for Syncplicity Rights Management.

  • SRM policies on files within the same organization remain unchanged, so every user who has a Protector role can reshare files with SRM-protection applied to them.

    When a folder is shared outside an organization with SRM policies applied, that folder and the files in it cannot be reshared by users in other organizations that have other SRM policies in place. This is because SRM policies are not inherited among organizations and the SRM policies of different organizations cannot be merged. Therefore, if a user wants to reshare an SRM-protected file from a folder that belongs to another organization, they cannot create an SRM-protected link, even if they have a Protector role in their home organization. To reshare files from SRM-protected folders that belong to other organizations, Protector users must create copies of those files in their own shared folders and apply the SRM policies of their organization on the copied files.
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