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Why Does S: (Syncplicity SyncDrive) shows that no security permissions have been assigned for this object?

If you are a Windows User and you Right-Click on S: (Syncplicity SyncDrive) -> Properties -> Security you would most probably notice a message saying that "No permissions have been assigned for this object.

Warning: this is a potential security risk because anyone who can access this object can take ownership of it. The object’s owner should assign permissions as soon as possible."


The S:/ drive itself is a mount drive and Syncplicity keeps full access to it so no security settings are applied

As far as folders and files created by Syncplicity as concerned (due to mapping from the server/creating within the drive) they are always created with no security settings as they are managed by the Syncplicity Client - it needs full access to do all create/modify/delete/lock operations.

Locally mapped folders as syncpoints - Syncplicity tries to add the security permission of the top-level folder to all subfolders, However, if the folder has access permissions set only for this user the stated above will not happen.

There is also a third condition - if the mapped folder is within the user profile folder all security settings are ignored as they can be inherited from the profile folder

Georgi Dragnev

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