Syncplicity Support


Single view of Syncplicity folders on Mac

Syncplicity for Mac enables:

  • Display of all the mapped folders in a single place
  • Using Finder on your Mac to navigate between Syncplicity folders

The right-click menu provides identical actions in Syncplicity and in Finder.

View mapped folders in Finder

All Syncplicity folders are displayed in the single location in Syncplicity. Do the following to view a local or Syncplicity folder in Finder.

  1. In Syncplicity, double-click a mapped folder to open the folder in Finder.
  2. To return, click the back arrow at the top left of the Finder window. The system displays the root Syncplicity folder. 

Remove a local folder from SyncDrive

To stop synchronizing a local folder in Finder:

  1. Right-click a local folder and select Remove Folder.
  2. Select Stop Synchronizing. The shortcut of the local folder is removed from the SyncDrive location.
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