Syncplicity Support


View and resolve synchronization issues

On Windows clients, you can view and resolve errors that prevent files from synchronizing to your computer. This feature is available when your administrator has enabled the sync status policy for your organization. When enabled, the Syncplicity taskbar panel shows the number of files with synchronization errors, as illustrated in the following graphic.


The number to the right of the yellow caution triangle indicates the number of files with synchronization errors. If there were no files in error, the counter would be zero. If there were more than 99 files in error, the counter would be 99+.

Move the cursor over the counter and click to open the Sync Status window, as shown in the following example. If necessary, use the scroll bar at bottom to scroll right and reveal more information.

The window has controls for filtering files in various ways. Select a row and click Support article to open help documentation specific to the error for the selected file. The documentation describes the error and how to resolve it.


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