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Logging in and Logging out

Logging in

  1. Click 'Login' on the start screen of MS Teams add-in.Sign_in_-_1__Start.png

  2. Enter your Syncplicity account email address and click 'Next'

  3. Sign in on your Identity Provider sign in page.
    This step depends on the identity provider your Organization uses. The example below shows the experience in case the built-in provider is used.
    Sign_in_-_2__Email.pngIf your Organization uses SSO, you will be redirected to your SSO provider sign in page instead.
  4. Click 'Grant Access' to consent with granting the MS Teams add-in access to your Syncplicity content.
  5. As a result, the sign in popup should close and the add-in tab should display your Syncplicity folders and files.


Logging out

To sign out:

  1. Click the account button in the upper right corner of the main screen
  2. Click 'Logout' button
  3. As a result, the main screen will return to the sign in start screen
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