Using the add-in

The main screen of the add-in is shown below:

The major part of the main screen displays the contents of a folder - folders and files (1).

To open a folder, click its row (2). To get back to a parent folder, click its name in the current path row (4).

To select a file, click its row (3). Once selected, you will be able to share a link to the file (5).

Clicking the account icon (6) opens the account panel. You can sign out with its help.

Sharing a file

To share a file:

  1. Open 'Share link' dialog

    1. Locate the desired file
    2. Select it (2)
    3. Click 'Share link' button (3)
  2. The dialog allows to set optional link protection measures. To add protection, enable the desired measures. Otherwise, click 'Generate link' (4) to proceed.
    1. Require recipients to log into Syncplicity (1). This also allows listing the exact recipients who can access the link.
    2. Set link access password (2).
    3. Set link expiration time (3).
  3. Optional: setting link protection measures.
    1. If 'Require recipients to login' is enabled, you will need to list the emails of the allowed recipients. Type the emails into the Email field (2) and hit 'Enter' or click 'Add'. The email will be added to the list (1). To remove a recipient, click the 'x' icon to the left of the recipient email.
    2. If 'Protect link with a password' is enabled, enter a password. Anyone will be required to enter the correct password prior to accessing the file via the link. The password must satisfy complexity criteria as required by the dialog.
      Note: you should communicate the password to the intended recipients securely and separately from the link.
    3. If 'Set link expiration' is enabled, enter the number of days the link will remain active. After the time passes, the link will be automatically deactivated, and will not be usable.
    4. Note: your Organization may require one or several link protection options through policy. For example, this is how the dialog looks like if all three are required (note the locked checkboxes):
  4. After the link protection options have been set and you clicked the 'Generate link' button, the generated link will be displayed.
    1. If no link protection has been enabled, there will be only the link:
    2. If any link protection option has been enabled, the resulting window will also display the applied protection:
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