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Using the Syncplicity add-in for Microsoft Teams

This topic describes how to use the Syncplicity add-in for Microsoft Teams.


  • The add-in must be installed in your Teams.
  • The add-in must be associated with at least one team.

Log in

To log in to the Syncplicity add-in for Teams:

  1. In Teams, select the Teams tab and select a team that is associated with the Syncplicity add-in for Teams.
  2. Click My Syncplicity at the top of the window for the selected team.
  3. Click Log in. Select Use corporate account if applicable. Enter your login credentials.  Once logged on, your Syncplicity folders and files are displayed.
  4. To navigate, you can scroll, click on a folder to view its contents, or click the breadcrumbs to go backwards. Use the icons at top right for additional options, such as opening Syncplicity in a browser.


Share a file

To share a link to a file:

  1. Select a file and click Share.
  2. Follow the prompts. You can require recipients to log in to retrieve the file, protect the link with a password, and specify the number of days until the link expires. Depending on your company's policy, these settings can be optional or required.
  3. Click Create link.
  4. Click Copy to copy the URL for the shared file.
  5. Share the URL as needed. For example, a message in Teams to a business colleague.

Log out

To log out of the Syncplicity add-in for Teams:

  1. Select My Syncplicity tab at the top of the selected team.
  2. Click your user icon at top right of the tab and click Log out.
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