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Single view of all Syncplicity folders

Handling all mapped folders in Syncplicity

Syncplicity provides you with the following:

  • Syncplicity displays all the mapped folders in a single place.
  • Using Windows File Explorer, you can easily navigate between the Syncplicity folders.
  • The right-click menu provides identical actions in both locations: the Syncplicity and the mapped folder location.  

Operating mapped folders in Windows Explorer

All Syncplicity folders are displayed in the single location: Syncplicity (\\Syncplicity) (S:).

To view the content of a Local or Syncplicity Drive Folder in Windows Explorer:

  1. In the SyncDrive, double click a mapped folder. The content of the folder opens in Windows Explorer.
  2. To return back, click the Back navigation arrow at the top left of the window. The system displays the root Syncplicity folder.
    Tip. Pay your attention that overlay icons in Syncplicity are the same as the overlay icons of the mapped folders.

Handling Syncplicity folders in Manage Folders view

The goal of this feature is to improve user experience in Syncplicity by the following way:

  • The Manage Folders view displays all your folders: SyncDrive, Local and Remote folders.
  • You can filter folders by name.
  • You can manage participants for the Syncplicity folders.

Identifying type of a folder

Three types of folders are present in the Manage Folders view, which are:

  • Local 
    The folders which are locally mapped on your PC.
  • Remote 
    The folders which are available for local mapping but are currently unmapped.
  • SyncDrive 
    The folders which are converted for on-demand access on the desktop.

To identify the type of a folder:

  1. Select a folder on the left panel of Manage Folders view.
  2. Read the type on the right panel below the folder name.

Filtering by type

You can choose the single type of folders to be displayed on the Manage Folders panel, while the other types will be hidden.

To specify type of folders to be displayed on the left panel:

  • On the left of the toolbar, click the Folder location menu, and then select the type to be displayed:
    • All folders
    • Local
    • Remote
    • SyncDrive

Filtering by name

If you need to find a specific folder in a long list, use the filter box on the Manage Folders toolbar. You can also clear the filter.

Operating SyncDrive folders

The Manage Folders view supports the same operations for all types of folders, with the only exception: you can't unmap SyncDrive folders.

Note. The Stop synchronization command is not available for SyncDrive folders.

Operating local folders

The Manage Folder view supports unmapping of local folders by means of the Stop synchronization command.

How to remove a local folder from SyncDrive location

To stop synchronizing a local folder in Windows Explorer:

  1. Right click a local folder.
  2. Click Stop Synchronization on the menu. The system removes the shortcut of this local folder from the SyncDrive location. 

To stop synchronizing a local folder in Manage Folders:

  1. Select a local folder.
  2. Click Stop Synchronization on the right panel. The system removes the shortcut of this local folder from the SyncDrive location. 
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