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File under the DLP policy restriction

DLP download error message

  • A file cannot be downloaded because a DLP scan is in progress
  • A file cannot be downloaded because of DLP policy settings

Applicable systems: Windows desktop client


Syncplicity data loss prevention (DLP) enables customers to scan documents for keywords to classify them from a security sensitivity perspective. In DLP configurations, whenever files in Syncplicity storage are created or updated, a DLP scan is scheduled and a security classification is assigned to that file based on the customer-defined keywords and policy. The customer classification policies define who has access to the file. 

A DLP scan in progress download error occurs when the scan is scheduled but not completed.  For Syncplicity files and folders under DLP oversight, no access is allowed until new or updated files have been scanned and classified.

Your company’s DLP policy prevents you from downloading a file with this security classification.  A DLP policy settings error occurs when the user security permissions do not allow access to the file based on the DLP classification settings.

Possible remedies

  1. Your company policy prevents files that are being scanned from downloading. For a DLP scan in progress error, wait a few minutes for Syncplicity to retry the download. DLP scans are typically fast. But there can be a longer delay when many scans are queued.
  2. If you believe you should have access to this content, contact your company’s administrator.

More information

DLP Administration


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