Email and Digest Notifications


Within your Account Notification Settings, you can set the Email and Digest notifications for your files and folder that display in your activity feed as follows:

  • By default, Email notifications are sent when the following events occur: 
    • Folders are shared with me: Include folders shared with you by other users 
    • Folders are re-shared: Include folders you have access to and shared with other users 
  • Digest notifications aggregate events related to content changed and deleted, and are sent based on a selected frequency. By default, none are sent.

Notification configuration

To configure notification settings for your account and for a folder, select  Account -> Notifications. The Account Notification Settings page is displayed:

Account Notification settings.png

From this page, you can:

  • Select if you want to receive email notifications for the events.
  • Set the frequency for digest notifications.
  • Select the custom notification settings for specific folders.

Configure email notification settings for a folder

To configure notification settings for a folder, select Folder -> Settings -> Notification. From this page, you can:

  • Edit the settings (applied on that folder)
  • Delete the settings and apply settings (for the account) on the folder (this folder will be removed from the list).

Folder Notification Settings.png


By default, notification settings that are applied to your account, are applied on your folders. However, you can override these settings for a folder. 

Folder settings:

  • Applied to the current folder, all sub-folders and files.
  • You can have your own settings for your folders or folders shared with you (in the same region). For instance, a folder owner and a participant can have different settings. 
  • If the folder is shared from other regions, you cannot configure settings and only receive the usual notification when the folder is shared with you (digest notifications are not available for these folders).
  • If you do not have access to the folder anymore (for instance, when the folder is unshared or deleted), the applied settings are removed. If you restore a deleted folder with notification settings saved, the folder does not display on the "Folders with custom notification settings".

Override Account Settings.png

Override Account settings:

  • You can overview your account settings for any top-level folder (syncpoint), including: Folders that I own and Folders shared with me with Editor or Reader permissions (even if reshare is prohibited).
  • Account notification settings can only be overridden on one syncpoint in the folder hierarchy. This can be the top-level OR sub-folder, but not both. 
  • When the account notification settings are overridden for a folder it is specific to you and NOT for all users of that folder.
  • Notification settings for any type of folder (documents, music, pictures, desktop, etc.) can be overridden.
  • If you set the same notification settings for a folder and an account, the override is not disabled; the settings are considered as custom. The folder is still displayed on Folders with custom notification settings. If you change your account settings, the overridden folder settings continue to be applied for this folder.
  • When an admin impersonates a user, an admin (on behalf of user) can change notification settings for the user. However, the admin, who has impersonated the user does not receive any digest notifications. 

Configure email digest notifications 

To configure the email frequency of digest notifications, from Folder -> Settings ->Notification, select the frequency of the digest notification from the drop-down list. Based on selected frequency, you will receive a notification of your account activities, including:

  • A summary for the total count for individual events.
  • Details of the events (the last five events are listed for each category).
  • Links to the Activity feed for the specific file/folder.


 Details - 1.png

 Details - 2.png

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