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Sharing Files in Bulk in My Syncplicity

The sharing files in bulk feature in My Syncplicity allows you to share public or private links (URLs) by selecting multiple files at once. This is useful, when you need to send multiple shared links to the same recipient(s) with the same sharing settings.

Currently this feature is available to users on a personal (free) plan only for folders shared with them by Business or Enterprise Edition users.

To familiarize yourself with the feature, see the below demo or continue reading.

Sharing files in bulk in My Syncplicity

Before sharing files in bulk, it is essential to familiarize yourself first on how to share a file in My Synplicity. The Share Link dialog for multiple files is based on the Share Link for a single file, with a few minor differences. The Share Link dialog for multiple files:

  • Has the option to generate a unique password for each shared link.
  • "Email Links" - would send separate email for each link that you have shared to the recipient(s). (If you have selected the option to generate a unique password for each shared link, you would then receive a summary of all passwords with the option to "Copy all passwords" in your clipboard.)
  • "Generate Links" presents you with a summary of all shared links (as well as all unique passwords, if you have selected the option to generate a unique password for each shared link) and the options to:
    • "Copy all shared links" - This option would copy all shared links in your clipboard.
    • "Copy all passwords" - This option would copy all unique passwords in your clipboard.

To share files in bulk

  1. Click Files at the top navigation page.
  2. Select the files that you would like to share as public or private links (URLs)
  3. Complete the Share Link dialog.


  • If your file selection contains files from multiple file types, there might be a difference in the sharing dialog, as some file types have more sharing options than others, in that scenario, we would revert to the common sharing options (the lowest). For example, if you have a Microsoft Office and non-Microsoft Office file types in the file selection, the dialog will not show the option to "Allow editing of Microsoft Office files". The same is true if you have regular file types and file types that allow "IRM protection" in the file selection.

Why is the Share link button not visible / grayed out?

If the Share link button is not visible, please check if you have a folder in the selection, as this feature is only available for files. If the Share link button is grayed out, you may hover over the button with your mouse cursor and that would display a tooltip message with the exact reason, or you may refer to one of the reasons on the below list:

  • There are more than 10 files in your selection.
  • Your Syncplicity Administrator has assigned you to a policy that requires all shared links to be IRM Protected, and you have a file type that cannot utilize IRM protection in your selection.
  • The files in your selection are contained inside a folder, which is owned by a Personal Edition account.
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