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Domain Whitelisting

How to activate Domain Whitelisting

The feature is available to Business and Enterprise users upon request. To activate the feature, please contact Syncplicity Support ( and provide us with a domain or list of domains, you would like to whitelist.

Domain Whitelisting

Domain Whitelisting allows you to restrict the creation of users in your Synplicity tenant to a specific predefined by you domain or list of domains providing an additional layer of security and control over your tenant. When this feature is activated, it would not be possible for your Syncplicity Administrators to create users in your tenant that have an email with domain different than the domain or domains you have whitelisted.

For example, if you have specified and in your domain whitelisting, it would not be possible to register users with email domain or, etc.


If you have enabled user Self Sign Up. The user Self Sign Up feature allows you to specify optional domain or domains that are going to be added on top of your Domain Whitelisted domains for the users that use the Self Sign Up flow to register for an account in your tenant.

For example, if you have added in your Self Sign Up Optional domains and you have Domain Whitelisted and, the Self Sign Up flow would only allow the registration of users with those three domains, it would not be possible to register users with email domain, etc.


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