Affiliate Sharing

Affiliate sharing is a sharing feature that allows the Enterprises to share the digital business folders with their entities such as Partners, Customers, Acquisitions, Suppliers, Subsidiaries or external parties. Based on trust and/or level of partnership, affiliate sharing model can either have 3-tiers: internal, affiliates and external, or have 2-tiers: internal and affiliates. In the 3-tier model, definitions are as follows:

  • Affiliates (internal trusted affiliates, for example: for, is an affiliate)
  • External (other external trusted partners, example:,

while in the 2-tier model, definition is as follows:

  • Affiliates are other external partners.

This feature is designed for enterprises to collaborate with entities and yet maintain the control of their content. Affiliate sharing works well with grouping of recipients and group-based policy. You can create and apply the policies to maintain the control over the folder sharing. You can create separate policy for incoming and outgoing folder sharing.

To create Affiliate Sharing from your Syncplicity account, refer to Folder sharing policies page.


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