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Introduction to the Outlook Add-in

The Outlook Add-in for Office 365 allows you to email shared links to files that are too large to email.

When sending a new email or responding to one, you can choose to upload your files to a special Syncplicity folder in your Syncplicity account instead of mailing them. The Outlook Add-in then inserts links to the files in your email.


The Outlook Add-in includes these features:

  • Email shared links to files that are too large to email, and without having to leave Outlook.
  • Add protection, which includes requiring users to log in to their Syncplicity account, enter a password, or both to access your shared link.
  • Automatically expire the link after a specific number of days. File attachments live forever in your sent email, but you can use this feature to limit when other people can access your file. Once expired, no one can access the file using the shared link.
  • Easily email links to files that you already have in your Syncplicity account.
  • Restrict specific file types, such as executables and temporary files to prevent sending them accidentally. Your administrator can also restrict file types, in which case you can only view the list of restricted file types.
  • View your account storage settings.
  • Supported languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.

Your administrator can choose to configure the various protection settings and restricted file types, which would prevent you from setting them yourself.

Supported Devices

The Outlook Add-in supports the Outlook Web App (OWA), so it is available from multiple platforms, as described in  . To use the add-in, you must have a Syncplicity account and your administrator must install and configure it on the Exchange Server for your company or group.

NOTE: The Outlook Add-in for Office 365 is not the same as , which is an add-in for the Windows desktop.

To install the Outlook Add-in for Office 365, go to the Microsoft Office Add-ins Store.

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