Monitoring System Health

The various monitoring articles describe the high-level view on monitoring Storage Connectors. These are some general recommendations to help you implement monitoring for Storage Connectors, including a description of items to monitor and their thresholds.

The following lists the various Storage Connector dependencies that should be monitored.




  • Health of Storage
  • Capacity / Free space remaining
  • Number of inodes remaining (in case of nfs mounts)
  • Connectivity between the Connector and storage

Storage Connector (local host)

  • Hardware
  • CPU Usage
  • Number of file handles
  • Network I/O
  • Disk Space

Storage Connector health

Real-time health metrics from the Storage Connector such as:

  • Current number of download requests
  • Current number of upload requests
  • Number of get requests to storage
  • Response time of get request
  • Current CPU load
  • Java VM process CPU load

Outbound proxy used by Storage Connector

Outbound proxy is customer-defined. Check with your network administrator.

Connectivity to Orchestration

Make sure that the following user-facing URLs are available:


Connectivity to Apigee gateway

Only used for custom integrations to access Syncplicity APIs. The URL is

Connectivity to Syncplicity health

Connectivity to SMTP gateway

Only needed if StorageVault Authentication (SVA) is configured.


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