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Logging into a repository

As described in About SharePoint and network share accounts, you can use your Syncplicity app to log into your company’s repositories. These files are not part of your Syncplicity account.

If you have a Syncplicity Enterprise Edition account, log in by entering your Syncplicity credentials.

Once logged in, tap the Syncplicity icon () in the top bar to show your accounts. If your account is configured for access to remote files, you see Network Share, SharePoint or both in the list of accounts. 

Tap Network Share or SharePoint to display the bookmarks. In the following example, Network Share has two bookmarks:  GTM Planning and Q4 Planning.

Tap any bookmark to open the login screen.  The login screen is similar for both SharePoint and network shares. Here is an example of the network share login screen:

The top field is the bookmark path and is read-only. Enter your username and password. If necessary, contact your administrator for your credentials. When done, tap Login. Once you have opened a bookmark and you have permission, you can navigate the folders, upload files and folders, create files and folders, as well as edit existing files.

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