Attaching large files

You can use the Syncplicity Outlook Add-in to send shared links to large files that you cannot normally attach with Outlook due to mail server or exchange server limits.

You can attach large files using the Outlook Add-in in one of two ways:

  • You can use the Attach Files option in the Syncplicity ribbon on the compose window to attach files of any size. Files are automatically uploaded to Syncplicity and a shared link to the file is sent in the email.
  • You can use the native attach option to attach files. If you use the native option and your attached file size is greater than exchange limit, you get an Outlook popup message that you are not allowed to send the large files using Outlook, as shown below.

You can click OK in the popup and you are then prompted to send that file using the Syncplicity Outlook Add-in. You can view your company’s current exchange limit in the Settings -> Send Options tab in the Syncplicity Outlook Add-in so that you are aware of the allowable server limits; e.g., the allowable attachment limit is 20 MB in the dialog below.

You can set the option to automatically send files greater than a certain size using the Syncplicity Outlook Add-in by going to the Settings -> Send Options tab and selecting the radio button option, Send attachments over [] MB in size using Syncplicity. By default, the file size value in this option is set to the Exchange limit so that files above exchange limits are automatically sent using Syncplicity for Outlook, but you can change this value.  However, you cannot set a file size value above the Exchange Limit, since all files above the mail server limit cannot be sent by Outlook and will need to be sent using Syncplicity only.

Your administrator can also set this size using policy. You will not be able to change the value if your administrator has set it using policy.

Note: The options in the Send Options tab are applicable only if you are sending the files using the native attachment flow. If you use the Attach Files option from the Syncplicity ribbon in the email compose window, you automatically send the files using the Syncplicity Outlook Add-in.

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