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Release Notes: iOS App 3.4.5


iOS App: 3.4.5



Integration with Microsoft Office iOS apps

  • From inside 3rd party apps (e.g. Microsoft Word iOS app), users can now open Office files from Syncplicity, edit and save them back to Syncplicity
    • The entire workflow takes place in the Office/3rd party app
    • Open-In policy restrictions apply to this workflow to prevent data leakage from Syncplicity to other apps
    • Available for iOS 8 only
    • Available for both iPhone and iPad apps
    • Only applicable to existing documents in Syncplicity; you can not create a new document (e.g. Word document) and save to Syncplicity

Support for fillable PDF Forms

  • Ability to fill out PDF forms through in-app editing on the iPad

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements across both iPhone and iPad apps



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