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Account settings on iPad

You can manage various Syncplicity settings on your device. Most settings are located in the Settings screen, as described in Configuring app settings. The account settings are located in the Syncplicity account screen.

Tap the Accounts icon ( mceclip1.png ) in the navigation bar.


Tap the (mceclip2.png ) icon next to Syncplicity. Some options have toggle buttons that show if they are enabled or disabled:

mceclip3.png: Setting is enabled.

mceclip4.png: Setting is disabled.

The settings are described in the following sections.

You can disable the advanced security options for shared links. If advanced options is disabled, you will not be prompted to require recipients to log in or enter a password when you create a shared link.

By default, the shared links options are enabled. If the security options are enforced by IT policy then you do not have the ability to disable shared link options.

This setting is not available for Personal Edition users.


By default, you are notified when items in your Offline content has changed. You can turn this setting off.


You should NOT use Logout unless absolutely necessary and this option completely removes all data, such as Offline content and Settings, and restores the default settings. Logout is equivalent to a fresh installation of the app then logging in. 

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