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Configuring Outlook Add-in settings

Using Settings, you can view your storage usage, control the Outlook Add-in behavior when sending attachments through email, and set security on your attachments.

To access the settings, click the Syncplicity icon in the Outlook ribbon to display the menu then click Settings.


You can also access Settings from the ribbon in the new email or reply email window.



The Account tab shows your account information and storage space you have consumed and the total space available with your Syncplicity account. It also shows your gravatar image, if any, and the current version of the Outlook Add-in.

From here, you can log out of your Syncplicity account. While logged out, you cannot send folders or files using the Outlook Add-in.

Send Options

When you use the native Attach File icon in Outlook, you can select different options for sending the attachment as shared Link. By default, you are asked every time whether you want to send the attachment using the Outlook Add-in. You can change the default settings using the Send Options tab.

NOTE: The Send Options are not applicable when using the options in the Syncplicity ribbon, i.e., Syncplicity Attach Files, Attach Folders icons or Attach files from Syncplicity.

  • You can choose to be prompted each time you send an email with an attachment. This is the default setting.
  • You can choose to have all attachments of a specific size or larger to be automatically sent as shared links. In this case, you are not prompted when sending an email with an attachment of the specified size depending on the sub-option.

NOTE: If your administrator preconfigured the file size option, this option is automatically selected. Also, your file size limit in this option cannot be larger than Microsoft Exchange limit.

  • You can check the box to be prompted each time you send email with an attachment smaller than the specified size. If you do not check the box, you are not prompted and those files are sent as attachments to the email.
  • You can choose to never be prompted each time you send an email with an attachment. To send files as shared links, you need to use Attach Files in the Syncplicity ribbon.

In addition, your administrator has the ability to restrict sending one or more file types using the Outlook Add-in. If you attempt to attach a file and that file type is restricted, the file is not uploaded to your Syncplicity account. If there are any restricted file types, the Send Option dialog lists the types; otherwise, the restricted file types field is not shown.

Link Protection

This tab allows you to add security to your files.

  • You can require recipients to log in to their Syncplicity account. Therefore, any recipient must have a Syncplicity account to access your file.
  • You can require recipients to enter a password before accessing the shared link. For passwords, you can choose to have the client generate a password automatically each time you send a shared link, always use the same password which you need to enter one time, or prompt you to provide a password each time you send the email. The password is always included in the email.
  • You can choose to expire a shared link after a specific number of days. After which, recipients can no longer access the file. NOTE: If your file was protected using the secure shared feature, the file itself is no longer accessible by users even if the file has been downloaded.

NOTE: Your administrator may have set policies that supersede the link protection options. Therefore, you may not be able to set one or more of these options.

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