Managing Home Directory Sets

The home directory set applies only to the Network Share Connector.

A home directory set is a policy set that searches Active Directory to discover each user’s home directory on the network share. The home directory can then be shown to users as a bookmark. You can specify the bookmark’s name; for example, “Home Directory.” If the home directory property is not available within AD, an error message is displayed to the client stating that the user does not have a home directory defined.

The home directory set applies to the group level. If a user is a member of multiple groups, each with a different home directory set, you can determine the priority as you would with a policy set. Since home directory sets can be configured with different Connectors, the user sees only the home directory bookmark for the Connector that is in the highest priority home directory set.

To view and manage home directory sets, click admin in the Syncplicity administrator console then click policies. In the Manage Policies page, click the Home Directory Sets tab.

If creating a home directory set for the first time, click the Create Home Directory Set button.  The Create Home Directory Set wizard begins at Step 1.

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the set itself then click Next. This name appears only on the Home Directory Policy pages.
  2. Enter a descriptive name of the share, which will appear in the mobile app then click Next.
  3. Select the Connector. If there are multiple Connectors, your network or system administrator should know which Connectors access which shares. Click Next.
  4. Assign the groups that you wish to use this Home Directory Set then click Next.
  5. Assign the correct priority to the new home directory set by clicking the up and down arrows next to it. You can only modify the priority of the new set. Priority is listed in descending order where the home directory set at the top of the list has the highest priority. The priority is used when a user belongs to multiple groups and is therefore assigned to more than home directory. The user sees only the home directory with the highest priority.
  6. When done, click Finish.

You see a message that the set was successfully created.

At any time, you can revisit the Home Directory Sets tab to add, edit, or delete sets.


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