Understanding Syncplicity Editions

There are four editions: Personal, Business, Department, and Enterprise. The Department and Enterprise Editions are considered Enterprise packages.

Each edition fills the needs of a selected group of users. The following sections describe the differences between the editions from an administrative perspective.

Personal Edition

This edition is for individual or small groups. It is very good for syncing and sharing files. However, it lacks the administrative features available in the other editions. Therefore, as an IT administrator, there are no controls. As a result, the Personal Edition user does not have access to these features:

  • Secured shared links. Users can create shared links but cannot require users to log in or enter a password. As a result, the Personal Edition does not have the ability to display advanced options in the client or app settings.
  • Edit, create and annotate Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, and annotate PDFs directly in the Syncplicity app or client. Users can perform these functions in 3rd party apps. They can also deliver Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with transitions and animations directly from their mobile devices within the Syncplicity app.
  • IT administrator control and reports. Therefore, there are no user groups, policies, reports, Single-Sign On (SSO), device management, etc.
  • During installation of the desktop client, users are not prompted to select the folders that are required to be synced.
  • Users can not create root folders on the SyncDrive. However, users can create folders under the root folders.

Business Edition

The Syncplicity Business Edition is designed for small to medium businesses. It has access to the administrative controls, such as policies, user groups, reports and device management. It also has the ability for IT to restrict specific types of files from being uploaded, and prohibit sharing files with non-company users.

One major difference between this account and the Department Edition is that the amount of storage available for purchase. 

Department Edition

The Syncplicity Department Edition is an Enterprise package. It has the capacity for more storage than the Personal and Business Edition, as well as all the administrative controls, such as policies, user groups, reports and device management.

Besides the amount of storage, the main difference between the Department and Enterprise Editions is that the Enterprise Edition allows you to configure your own on-premise storage.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition supports on-premise storage, known as StorageVaults, as well as the following advanced features:

  • Secure Shared Files. This allows you to fine-tune how your content is protected, as well as protecting that content outside of Syncplicity folders.
  • Connector for SharePoint. This allows you to configure SharePoint access for you users along with their Syncplicity access.
  • Connector for Documentum. This allows your users to access content in Documentum repositories.
  • This allows you to replace the Syncplicity logo with your company’s logo.


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