Syncplicity Support


Upgrading to Panorama

The Syncplicity Connector for SharePoint is superseded by the Panorama Connector. The Panorama Connector contains the same features as the Connector for SharePoint. In addition, it provides secure mobile access to existing content on Network Shares, Home Directories and SharePoint sites. For information on the Panorama features,see Learn about Syncplicity Panorama Connector.

The 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the Syncplicity Connector for SharePoint continue to be supported. However, you need to know about the following changes when managing the Connector:

  • In the Syncplicity administrator’s console, the connectors menu option has changed to panorama.
  • When you manage a policy set, you expand Panorama instead of Mobile in the Manage Policy Set page to access the SharePoint Mobile Access policy. For more information, see SharePoint mobile access policy.

For information on upgrading to the Syncplicity Panorama Connector, see the Syncplicity Panorama Connector Installation and Configuration Guide. You can download the guide and release notes from the Downloads page, which is accessible by clicking admin then downloads.

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