Network share mobile access policy

If you wish to have users’ Syncplicity mobile accounts prepopulated with network shares, you need to add bookmarks to group policies. For information about group policies, see Understanding group policies and global policies.

If you do not wish to prepopulate users’ accounts with bookmarks, you can communicate the share UNC path to individual users and they can then add the site to their own devices. If using multiple Connectors, make sure they are informed about which Connector to use.

  1. Under the Admin menu, click policies.
  2. In the Policy Sets tab, select the group policy you wish to update.
  3. Expand Panorama.
  4. Expand Network Share.
  5. Check the Connectors that you wish to authorize for this policy. These are the Connectors that access the network shares that you wish to bookmark.
  6. Click Select bookmark to manage the bookmarks for a specific Connector.
  7. In the Select Bookmarks pop-up, check the box next to any existing bookmark to add it to the policy.
  8. To create a new bookmark for the policy, click Add Bookmark then enter an appropriate name for the network share in Display Name; for example, Sales Brochures or Corporate Communications. In UNC path, enter the path to the network share.
  9. When finished, click Done.
  10. Repeat the previous steps to manage the bookmarks for each Connector.
  11. When done, click Save at the bottom of the Manage Policy Set page.

At any time, you can add more bookmarks or edit and delete existing bookmarks. Deleting a bookmark does not affect the Connector or network share site, but it does remove the bookmark from the Syncplicity app.

You can authorize or unauthorize Connectors. If authorized, mobile users see the bookmarks associated with that Connector and can use the Add Account feature to add network shares accessible by that Connector. If unauthorized, the network shares accessed by the Connector are no longer available to the mobile users.

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