Upgrading the Windows desktop client

Whenever a new version of the Syncplicity Windows desktop client is made available for upgrade, you will be prompted by the desktop client to upgrade.  We strongly recommend that you always upgrade to the latest version to enjoy new features and enhancements, along with stability and performance improvements. 

When you are prompted to upgrade the client, you will see the following dialog:

You can either upgrade the client immediately, or click Remind me later to dismiss the prompt.  If you select Remind me later, Syncplicity will alert you:

1. In 24 hours of the new version being availabile; or

2. Every time the client is re-started

The desktop client should be upgraded periodically. At some point, older client versions will become unsupported and you will be required to upgrade to the latest version to continue using Syncplicity on your desktop. If this happens, you will see the following dialog:

NOTE: When upgrading from an earlier version to version 3.4.16 (or later), any synchronized folders and files in mapped network drives, external storage devices and removable storage devices will cease to be automatically synchronized. No data is lost, however, you will need to re-sync your content stored in mapped drives by first moving it to your computer's physical storage and then adding it to Syncplicity. For more information, see About file synchronization on external drives.


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