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Viewing a secure shared file

The owner of a PDF or Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint or Excel) document may choose to protect the document using the Syncplicity Secure Shared File feature. Once protected, only authorized users can open the document.

To view the document, you must open the web page of the secured shared link. You may be required to enter a password, which you would have received separately from the person who created the shared link. Afterwards, the download page opens. This page contains the file name, expiration time if any, any message written by the person who protected the file, and your permission. In the example below, the file expires in 3 days, and you have the permission to edit the file.


If using My Syncplicity (web client), you can only view the secure shared file, and only if the administrator allows this feature. If allowed, you see a View button on the web page next to Download. Click the button to view the secure shared file.

You cannot edit a secure shared file from the web even with permission.

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