Installation Overview

If you are installing a Rights Management Server (RMS) on-premise, you need to be a Windows local or domain administrator to perform the installation. You should be familiar with Syncplicity on-premise StorageVault, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows. The network configuration should be reviewed and implemented by the network administrators (Data Operations).

These are the basic steps that you need to perform to install the RMS:

  • The Rights Management Server (RMS) should reside in your corporate network in the same area as your StorageVault, which is either in the DMZ or semi-private tier. There should be firewalls between the RMS and the various network boundaries.
  • If you need to upgrade your Syncplicity Storage Connector software to support RMS, contact the Syncplicity Support team for information on how to download the upgrade RPM.
  • Create a new Microsoft SQL Server database for use by the RMS.
  • Install the RMS software. This includes editing an ini file.
  • As part of the installation, update the StorageVault that is to access the Rights Management Server using, which was created during the RMS installation.

The Syncplicity Secure Shared Files feature is available only for the Enterprise Edition and supports the following devices:

  • Windows desktop client
  • My Syncplicity web site
  • iPad

Refer to the Syncplicity Rights Management Server Installation and Configuration Guide for more information. You can download the guide and release notes from the Downloads page, which is accessible by clicking admin then downloads.

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