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Working with Offline files and folders on iPhone

Offline files and folders are synced locally on the iPhone. You can access all Offline files and folders at anytime, including when you are offline. To see the files and folders you marked as Offline, tap Offline  from the main menu.

The Offline view displays a list of all Offline files and folders. Offline view is the same as the Navigation view with the exception you can browse through the content quickly because the content is already synced on your device.

When a folder is marked as Offline, all subfolders or files inside are shown by a green checkmark indicating the content is synced. When a file is marked as Offline separately, only that file is shown with a star icon.

The contextual options for files and folders that are Offline remain the same as in the files view. You can also search or filter the files and folders just like you can in the Files view. During an Offline, you will see a spinner on the folder or file indicating that it is being Offlined. You can continue to do other work in the Syncplicity app while the Offline process runs in the background.

TIP: It is recommended that you Offline any file or folder that you access frequently, including when you are on the move or offline. However, when you Offline a large folder or file, it can be time and space consuming on your device. 


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