About Syncplicity Data Protection Suite accounts

In a Syncplicity Data Protection Suite account, you have a total storage capacity based on your Data Protection Suite purchase.  This capacity can be allocated across your Syncplicity StorageVaults, both on-premise and cloud based. With this account, seats are unlimited.

The Data Protection Suite option is available only with the Syncplicity Enterprise and Department Editions.

The Syncplicity Data Protection Suite account changes how you allocate storage. For example, you have cloud storage and two on-premise StorageVaults, and you purchase 10 TB of total storage capacity as part of the Data Protection Suite. You allocate the amount of storage from each StorageVault and the cloud. You cannot exceed your total purchased capacity, in this case 10TB of total storage, but you can determine how much storage each StorageVault allocates. You can also allocate less than total amount if you wish to keep some capacity in reserve for new StorageVaults.

Only with a Syncplicity Data Protection Suite account can you configure the storage to use in the cloud. However, all Syncplicity report output files are exported to the cloud; therefore, you should leave enough storage allocated to the Cloud StorageVault for your reporting needs.

You allocate storage on the Manage StorageVaults page. In the following example, the account has a total storage capacity of 20480 GB, and a total of 20464 GB was allocated, leaving 16GB that could be allocated to the account. Each StorageVault, including the cloud, allocated its total capacity. In this case, you could add a new StorageVault or increase the size of an existing StorageVault then allocate an additional 16 GB.

For more information about this page, see the Configuring and managing StorageVaults article.

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