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Upgrading the Storage Connector

All Syncplicity Customers who have StorageVaults either on-premises or in their own private cloud need to upgrade to Storage Connector version 3.3x or later by  July 1, 2021See  Checking Storage Connector version and our  community post  for detailed information.

There are two ways to upgrade the Syncplicity On-premises Storage Connector:

  • Using a Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)  file. IMPORTANT: This method is only available upon request from Syncplicity support. This is the only supported way to upgrade Storage Connector in AWS, Cloud, or Azure environments.
  • Using an OVA file, see.

If you are upgrading between two minor Storage Connector versions, you can perform a rolling upgrade to upgrade your Connector servers one at a time and continue to maintain uptime.

If you are upgrading across multiple minor versions or between major versions, you must upgrade all connector servers at the same time, as follows:

  1. Shut down the connector services on all nodes.
  2. Upgrade all Connector servers.
  3. Restart the services on all nodes. Keep in mind, an outage during a scheduled maintenance window is required. 

Use the to validate your network dependencies after an upgrade.

Connector servers should be up-to-date with the latest operating system version (OS version) and kernel patches. The following table provides the recommended OS versions for the latest releases of Storage Connector:

Storage Connector OVA version

OS version CentOS 7.9 CentOS 7.8 - CentOS 7.6 CentOS 7.3

For information about new features and supported platforms see the.

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