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Configuring firewall, proxy and email servers for Syncplicity

For users on a corporate network or using VPN for remote connections to the corporate network, HTTPS on port 443 must be open system-wide and a series of URLs must be whitelisted on the firewall. This ensures all users have a seamless experience when they install and use Syncplicity on their PC, Mac, mobile, and web clients.

NOTE: Whitelisting is only required if you are experiencing issues with connectivity.


Core Syncplicity Service

Cloud Storage

The following cloud storage endpoints should be whitelisted for deployments that use cloud storage. For on-premise storage, the corresponding on-premise storage endpoint URLs should be accessible.

Data Analytics

Online file browser

API Platform

Developer Portal


Gravatar Service

If you prevent access to this URL, avatars will not display in the activity feed or mobile apps.

Support Pages

Configuring email servers for Syncplicity


Metadata services


Special Notes:

  • It is STRONGLY recommended to use hostnames and URLs instead of IP addresses. This avoids the risk of a deprecated user experience due to an IP address changes.
  • Newer hardware and secureOS have the ability to assign names to IPs with "object-groups." Due to older firewalls it may be difficult to use hostnames, in which case it is recommended to use a reverse proxy.
  • To acquire the current Syncplicity Service IP addresses, perform an nslookup on Syncplicity services (such as, Keep in mind, IPs can change with minimal warning.
  • The full list of addresses are subject to change based upon Microsoft; therefore, they may all not be certified.  For a reference see
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