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New iPhone app

Syncplicity iPhone App 3.2.0

The Syncplicity redesigned iPhone app is now available in the Apple App Store (July 31st, 2014). The app version is 3.2.0.

Existing app users will either have their app automatically updated or they will need to initiate the update manually based on the their device’s iTunes settings. New users will receive the new app when they download it from the App Store.

 Supported OS Versions: 


Supported Versions

Apple iPhone iOS

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 6


Supported iPhone Devices:


Supported Devices

Apple iPhone

  • 5S, 5C, 5, 4S



New Major Features:



Secure mobile file editing and authoring

Create and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents and annotate PDF files. The new app provides a better and faster user experience for file editing and annotation (also added to iPad app)

Syncplicity Insights

Increases user productivity by automating mundane tasks

Visual search

Quickly find folders shared by others

Track and manage shared links

View file download counts, including geo-location for downloads

New IT controls (Business and Enterprise Editions)

New policies include restricting opening of files in third-party apps, requiring a passcode to access the Syncplicity app, and restricting the geo-location feature


Feature Details:

New User Experience



Home screen

  • The redesigned home screen brings the most relevant information in a beautiful and elegant view, displaying your location and account information, including your storage consumption

Main menu

  • 3 dimensional tap-n-hold view to allow for quick access to common actions, content repositories, and notifications
  • The main menu allows you to go to Files, Favorites, Activity Feed, and Shared Links. You can also dock these views or dismiss them using tap-n-hold gestures
  • The notifications screen shows the list of uploaded files and Syncplicity Insights


  • “Sheet-based" and "card-based" navigation paradigms allow you to quickly find content inside deep folder hierarchies
  • The files view also shows a listing of recently accessed files and folders sorted by date

Activity feed

  • Follow files or folders to view their activities
  • Updates are grouped to provide relevant information in an easily digestible format

Copy files

  • Easily copy files from one folder to another by selecting one or more files and then dragging them to the destination folder
  • You can also select files from multiple folders and copy them in a single transaction

Filter content

  • In the Syncplicity top-level folders view you can choose to sort by name ascending or descending, and whether to display:
    • All folders
    • Only private folders
    • Only shared folders
  • When viewing content within a Syncplicity top-level folder you can chose to sort by:
    • Name (you can choose to sort folders and files by name ascending or descending - folders display first, followed by files)
    • File Type
    • File Size
    • File Date (last modified date)
  • You can also choose whether or not to display deleted files and folders globally across the app

Visual search

  • Visual search allows you to quickly find folders shared by other
  • You can drag a user Gravatar to view the list of folders shared with you by that user

Upload experience

  • Easily upload multiple photos and videos as well as record video and audio directly from the app
  • This is a significant usability improvement because you no longer need to leave the application to author rich media content

Login optimizations

  • The login experience has been optimized for the corporate user and defaults to a single sign-on (SSO) login
  • Non-SSO users can access the password field by toggling “Log in using corporate account”

Image navigation

  • You can quickly navigate through images in a folder with right and left swipes
  • The app loads the images intelligently so that user doesn’t have to wait for each image to load as they navigate through them

Syncplicity Insights

  • Meeting Insights:
    • When a user takes a photo or creates a document while in a meeting, a notification is triggered that prompts the user to share the file with the attendees of their currently running meeting(s). If the user misses the notification, it is docked in the Notifications screen under Insights

  • Usage Insights:
    • The Usage Insight notifies the user of the three most active folders (defined as the number of create, update, delete events) in their account
  • Shared Link Insights:
    • This Shared Link Insight is triggered when a recipient has not downloaded the file that has been shared with them for more than one day. With just one tap you can send a reminder email through Syncplicity


  • Support for three new policies has been added in the new iPhone app:
    • Open In Restriction Policy
    • Shared Links Geo-location Privacy Policy
    • Mobile Passcode Enforcement Policy

Folder sharing

  • You can now share folders and manage participant permissions from within the iPhone app

Track and manage shared links

  • You can now track and manage shared links from within the iPhone app, and view who has downloaded the file, at what time, and at what location (if recipients are required to login to download files)
  • The app presents a map that displays the location of the download by the recipient
  • You can also tag your important shared links using the flag feature to build your own filtered view

Tutorial and first-time launch experience

  • An updated parallax-based tutorial displays the key features of the app during first-time launch
  • As the user navigates through the app for the first time, the tutorial educates the user about the app’s key flows and functionalities


In addition, the new iPhone app supports all the existing features of the previous iPhone app, such as favorites, shared links, and versioning, but with a significantly enhanced user experience.


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