Managing administrator account access

The Syncplicity administrator account is a privileged account that can make configuration changes, control and enforce policies, and has access to enterprise wide dashboards and reports. The following tools allow you to enforce a higher level of security for administrator accounts:

  • Set rules to enforce password complexity on administrator accounts.
  • Restrict administrative privileges based on IP address.

Administrator Password Complexity

By default, there are no restrictions on password complexity for administrators in your organization. You can require administrators to create a password with a minimum number of characters and a combination of various character types. The character type enforcement can be one or more of the following:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • A number
  • Special characters including: !@#$%*()+=;:,.?\~^&_-`|{}[]"'<>/

To configure password complexity, go to admin > settings. In the Manage Settings page, under Administrator, click the Password complexity link.

Administrative privileges based on IP address

By default, Syncplicity administrators can perform admin actions from any IP address. This setting allows you to ensure company administrators are using an approved IP address when performing actions via or API calls. You can limit access to a range of approved IP addresses. When the administrator tries to perform actions from IP addresses outside of these ranges, you can display a custom error message.

To configure IP address restrictions, go to admin > settings. In the Manage Settings page, under Administrator, click the Privileges based upon IP address link.

You can use a star (*) to indicate a range of addresses. You can also designate multiple network areas by separating each area with a comma. The screenshot below allows administrators to perform admin actions from the 198.51 and 203.0.113 subnets only.

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