Access Restriction policy

By default, Syncplicity users in your organization can access their account in a web browser. Such access gives users the ability to view their activity feed, browse and download files, change their personal information, deactivate computers, and perform other actions.This policy can be set from the Admin Console under policies -> Web Apps -> Access Restrictions -> Website Access policy.


Website Access policy

This policy setting allows you to restrict access to the website only to computers that have been authorized to run the Syncplicity client and ensures the website can only be launched directly from the client using the "Browse to My Syncplicity" link. Further, you have the ability to specify warning message to users if they access My Syncplicity from any computer.

  • If Web access policy is “Allowed” from any PC (company device or non-company device), all end-users will receive the WARNING message for the first time after they login.
    • Any user who goes on web will see the WARNING message on all devices (new and existing)
    • When multiple users login on same device, they will see the WARNING message
  • This message has to be acknowledged by the user regardless of the tab they end-up in and before they can go on
  • Warning message is received per device and per user.


Note that this policy does not apply to administrators, Syncplicity administrators will continue to have access to the web application even when this policy is enforced.


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