Manage folder permissions

You can view the folders shared with any specific user. You can also change the user’s permission on any shared folder to:

  • Editor: User has read/write access
  • Reader: User has read access only
  • None: User cannot access the folder

NOTE: You can change the owner of shared and private folders from the Manage Folders page, as described in Managing your company’s folders.

To view the user’s access to shared folders, click admin then click user accounts. In the Manage Users page, click on the user whose account you wish to disable or delete. You can use the search feature if there is a long list of users.

All the shared folders that the user can access are listed in the Shared Folders section of the Manage User page.

Click the Manage link. The Shared Folders page lists all the shared folders in your organization and the user’s access to each. Select the folders you wish to change access. Select None to prevent the user from accessing the folder. Select Reader or Editor to grant access. Click Save Folders when done to implement your changes.


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