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March 2014 Release Notes

New Major Features:



Active Files Retention (File Disposition) Settings

  • To meet regulatory compliance, prevent privacy violations, lower litigation risks, and reduce storage costs, Enterprise Edition customers will be able to configure the Active Files Retention settings to automatically delete and expunge old files after they have not been modified for a specified period.  Active Files Retention can be configured globally and at the Syncplicity top-level folder level.

  • This setting will be hidden for all existing and new Enterprise Edition customers. Syncplicity customer success team will have the ability to enable this setting for specific Enterprise Edition customers. Please contact the Syncplicity Support Team to request access to this setting.  


Release Details:

Windows Desktop client:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Incorporated new code signing certificate to prevent operating system warnings about certificate expiration
    • The client was repeatedly trying to download locked files resulting in high bandwidth utilization


Mac Desktop Client:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Security bug fix: "Check for Updates" now uses https


Windows 8 App: 1.5.0 (Available in the Windows App Store)

  • Responsive design for snap view
  • New Live Tile Sizes to support Windows 8.1
  • Auto complete from company contacts for sharing folders and files
  • Version 1.5.0 requires Windows 8.1


Windows 8 App: 1.5.0 (Available in the Windows Phone App Store)

  • Auto complete from company contacts for sharing folders and files


Web Client and Server

  • Active Files Retention
    • The Active Files Retention feature must be turned on by the Syncplicity Support Team
    • Once the feature has been turned on, Syncplicity Enterprise Edition IT administrators can globally configure the time before unmodified files are automatically deleted from their company account
    • IT administrators can also override the global settings on a Syncplicity top-level folder (syncpoint) basis
    • As part of the configuration IT administrators can select whether the files deleted by this feature are also immediately permanently deleted (expunged)
    • A new report is available that lists “Active files pending deletion” in the next 60 days


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