Using the Syncplicity Taskbar Panel

The Syncplicity Taskbar Panel allows you to access and manage your synchronized files and folders, as well as your desktop client settings.

To open the panel, click the Syncplicity icon () in the taskbar. If the Syncplicity icon is not there, you need to go to your Programs menu and start Syncplicity.

Clicking the icon opens the panel in the lower right corner of your screen.

Clicking the right arrow scrolls to the other menu options.

TIP: Right click on the Syncplicity icon in the taskbar for quick access to the options described below.  

Manage: Allows you to view, share, sync, and unsync top level folders.

Recent: Shows any recently downloaded files. Click on the file icon in the message to open it. Click on the folder icon in the message to open that location in Windows Explorer.

Browse: Opens the web browser and displays My Syncplicity, which is your account online. 

Syncplicity: Opens Windows Explorer and displays the Syncplicity folder on your computer.

Settings: Allows you to manage your account settings, such as unlinking the computer from your Syncplicity account, setting bandwidth limits to use when uploading files, and excluding specific files types from being synced with your account. The Storage tab shows your storage consumption, which is the space you have used and the remaining space. The support section allows you to access online documentation, send feedback about Syncplicity, and send a log file for troubleshooting purposes.

Quit: Closes the Syncplicity application on your desktop. 

Sync all folders: This option is available only when you right-click the Syncplicity icon in the taskbar. Click this option to list all your Syncplicity folders (owned by you and shared with you) and choose to synchronize all or some of the folders between your desktop and your remote storage (Syncplicity cloud or storage area designated by your IT department).

Status message: A status message appears at the bottom of the panel. A green checkmark indicates that all files are in sync. A circling icon represents a synchronization in progress. You can pause any synchronization currently in progress or before it happens by clicking the icon. Click the icon again to resume synchronization.

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