Syncing and unsyncing folders and files

Synced folders and their contents are accessible from your other computers and devices using the Syncplicity clients. You can also access your synced folders from the My Syncplicity web site. For more information, see Understanding synchronizing and sharing folders.

Syncing folders from your computer

You can sync a folder on your Mac with your Syncplicity account by using the Add folder feature, which is accessible from the Syncplicity icon in the top menu bar or the menu of the folder that you wish to share.

From the Syncplicity icon menu, select Add folder and the selected folder starts syncing. From the Finder window, select the folder on your computer to sync then right-click on the folder, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the folder in your Finder window.
  2. Right- or control-click the folder.
  3. In the menu, click Share then Share with Syncplicity. You may need to click More at the end of the menu to see Share with Syncplicity.


NOTE: If you have an earlier release of the Mac operating system, you may see Syncplicity in the menu. In this case, click Syncplicity then click Add Folder. The selected folder starts syncing.

  1. In the popup, choose Add then click OK.

NOTE: You cannot sync files with file names that contain the semi colon (:) character.

Syncing a folder shared with you

When other users share a folder with you, Syncplicity presents a popup that allows you to choose to sync the folder in your Syncplicity account to your Mac, along with the size of the folder. This popup also appears should you create a folder in your Syncplicity account from another device.

  • Sync Now: Click this button to sync the files and folders within this Syncplicity folder to the location on your Mac that you have selected. You can select a different location using the Change buuton.
  • Sync Later: Click this button to have the folder remain in your account but not be synced with your Mac.
  • Delete: Click Delete to remove the Syncplicity folder and all of the files and folders inside of it from your Syncplicity account. The files and folders remain on your Mac and any other computer that you are syncing, but they are no longer synced by Syncplicity. Once deleted, you cannot restore the contents from your Syncplicity recycle bin.

NOTE: The Syncplicity client does not support syncing mapped network drives, external storage devices and removable storage devices. Should you attempt to sync a folder from an unsupported location, the app informs you and prevents the sync. For more information, see About file synchronization on external drives.


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