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Configuring client settings

By default, the client has these settings:

  • Show a message whenever a file from the Syncplicity account is downloaded. You can choose to hide these messages.
  • Use all available network bandwidth when uploading or downloading files. You can limit the bandwidth if you have network issues or limited bandwidth.
  • Synchronize all file types. You can choose to not synchronize specific types of files such as executables, javascript, text files. Your administrator may have also excluded certain types of files, which you cannot change. 
  • Display the advanced options when sharing a file.

Like a disk drive, you have a limited amount of space associated with your Syncplicity account. You can view the spaced used and the total available space in the Storage tab of the Settings screen. For more information about storage, see the About Storage article.

In addition, the Support tab allows you to access online documentation, send feedback about Syncplicity, and send a log file for troubleshooting purposes. 

To change your client settings:

  1. Click the Syncplicity () icon in your taskbar.
  2. Click the right arrow.
  3. Click Settings.

  4. If you wish to hide the download notifications, check the Hide file download notifications checkbox.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
    Depending on your Syncplicity configuration, you may not see the Shared Link checkbox.
  6. If you wish to limit bandwidth due to company policy or a slow or limited network, click the button in Bandwidth usage then enter the maximum upload and download speeds to use.
    NOTE: Your administrator may have configured bandwidth restrictions. In this case, you cannot enter a speed larger than what the administrator has set, but you can set a lower speed.
  7. If you wish to exclude file types, click the button in Excluded file types then enter the files types by their extensions, for example, .exe, .js, .txt, etc. 
    NOTE: Your administrator may have excluded specific file types. You can exclude additional file types but you cannot change the administrator’s exclusions. In the following example, file types part, exe, js, and msi are not synchronized to the Syncplicity folder. The part file type is excluded by the administrator and cannot be changed; however, the excluded exe, js and msi file types can be removed from this list by clicking the X.

  8. When sharing folders or files, you may be presented with the option to require users to log in or enter a password. If you never select those options, uncheck the Display advanced options when creating shared links box, if available. The result is that you are not prompted for those options when sharing files and folders. However, your administrator may override those settings. This option is available for Enterprise Edition and Business Edition users only.

You can change these settings at any time.

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